The products of the Goldent Hungary Ltd.

Goldent Hungary Ltd. introduced and continuously applies ISO 9002 and ISO 13488 standards during the product manufacturing. Goldent acrylic teeth comply with ISO 3336 standard and have CE-certificates.

The cross-linked GOLDENT CLASSIC acrylic teeth are produced in 17 shapes (7 upper incisors, 4 lower incisors, 3 lower-upper molars) in 16 different colour shades according to the sta The well established manufacturing technology and excellent raw material quality are guarantees for adequate mechanical and non-fading colour product features.ndards of vita.

The GOLDENT PREMIUM cross-linked acrylic teeth are produced in 16 colours according to the vita shade guide (A1-D4), in 44 moulds (21 upper incisors, 9 lower incisors, 7 lower-upper molars), with a technology of three colour layers.


The GOLDENT EXCLUSIVE acrylic teeth are produced with a technology of multi-colour layers. Special effects applied at finishing of the incisors, well visible inner mamelons, light enamel spots make the GOLDENT EXCLUSIVE acrylic teeth aesthetically excellent and more “life-like”.