The GOLDENT PREMIUM cross-linked acrylic teeth are produced in 16 colours according to the vita shade guide (A1-D4), in 44 moulds (21 upper incisors, 9 lower incisors, 7 lower-upper molars), with a technology of three colour layers. The following main features of the acrylic teeth are determined by the excellent polymer base material of high molecular weight:
- high hardness
- excellent abrasion resistance
- colour stability
- easy polishing
- high resistance to plaque adhesion
Well finished aesthetics of the front teeth, precisely shaped and highly abrasion- resistant occlusal surface of the molars, wide range of forms make the GOLDENT PREMIUM acrylic teeth exquisite among 3 layered acrylic teeth. CE marked and manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 13488 Quality Standard, and in accordance with EN ISO 3336 for artificial teeth.

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