The Goldent Hungary Ltd. deals with the production and trade of acrylic teeth. The company took over the acrylic teeth production as the main scope of its activity from its professional predecessor, the Goldent Acrylic Teeth Works. The aim of the foundation of the company was to establish a new, flexible joint company that better complies with the market requirements on basis of its experience of more than ten years in the scope of Acrylic teeth production in order to effectively meet the challenges of the competition in obtaining and keeping domestic and foreign markets by means of well considered and organised task division among the proprietors and collaborators. In the domestic market Goldent acrylic teeth may be considered already as a brand with tradition, besides significant turnover is transacted with the EU member states and with more other European and Asian countries. Goldent Hungary Ltd. introduced and continuously applies ISO 9002 and ISO 13488 standards during the product manufacturing. Goldent acrylic teeth comply with ISO 3336 standard and have CE-certificates.