The GOLDENT EXCLUSIVE acrylic teeth are produced with a technology of multi-colour layers. Special effects applied at finishing of the incisors, well visible inner mamelons, light enamel spots make the GOLDENT EXCLUSIVE acrylic teeth aesthetically excellent and more “life-like”. Transparency of carefully finished incisal parts creates a balanced, natural effect. For GOLDENT EXCLUSIVE acrylic teeth we use double cross-linked modified polymer of high molecular weight as base material. This base material polymerised with precisely developed technology ensures the following significant physical and chemical features for the GOLDENT EXCLUSIVE acrylic teeth:
- increased hardness
- considerably increased abrasion resistance
- high colour stability
- perfect polishing
- tooth surface is resistant to plaque retention
GOLDENT EXCLUSIVE acrylic teeth are produced in 16 colours (A1-D4) according to the vita shade guide; the compliance of the colours with the standard is outstanding. Wide range of colours and forms guarantees the easy selection of the appropriate tooth, in case of partial as well as full dental prosthesis. GOLDENT EXCLUSIVE acrylic teeth cope with the continuously increasing quality expectations of the market. CE marked and manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 13488 Quality Standard, and in accordance with EN ISO 3336 for artificial teeth.

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